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  • 11/03/2017
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Members are John McManus (vocals/guitar), Gary Graham (guitar/vocals), Gerard McHugh (vocals/percussion), Michael McKinney (bass/vocals), Declan McCartan (cello/vocals) and Rory McAuley (drums/vocals) .

Originally coming from a couple of small rural villages in the Glens of Antrim and Belfast runabay are six musicians who through their passion for harmony and melody have been writing and recording since late December 2013.
Runabay are at the forefront of fresh, new music in Northern Ireland, a sound which has undeniably been shaped by the beautiful coastline which surrounds the Glens of Antrim and is felt through the swooping melodies and poignant lyrics. The band produce a mature sound that leaves the listener hanging on the intricate guitar riffs, mellow three part harmonies and haunting cello.

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Pop | Indie Rock | Americana/Roots



Gerard McHugh


Following radio support from BBC 6Music, BBC Radio Ulster and Amazing Radio and a string of glowing press features, Northern Irish indie-folk band runabay return with their new single Too Soon (Reverie). The fleet- footed and enchanting new song is led by chiming guitars and Autumnal harmonies and is available now on all streaming and download platforms.

Watch the new video for Too Soon (Reverie) here now. Stream Too Soon (Reverie) on Soundcloud here now.

Too Soon (Reverie) is primarily about missing opportunities due to hesitance,” explains frontman John McManus. “The 'it's too soon, so I'll wait' line is an internal struggle many of us feel, as we wait to find the 'perfect' time to decide on things - knowing full well that perfect timing doesn't necessarily exist. It's an introspective song about the implications of indecision.”

Hailing from the Glens of Antrim and Belfast, runabay has existed since February 2014 and has received acclaim from Hot Press Magazine, ChordBlossom and Culture Hub NI. They have been described as alt-folk or indie, but the intricate and adventurous nature of their songwriting means they rarely fit into predictable pigeonholes - as Creative Spotlights commented in a recent review, ‘they are so much more than a genre category could ever describe.

For more info on runabay, including upcoming live dates, visit 

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